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plastic thermoformersEPI's business is one of precision customized fabrication through the processes of plastic thermoforming, CNC machining, and assembly of a wide range of plastics. We work with our customers from the initial stages of a project - which often includes original product design work, tooling creation, prototype development, material selection and testing. In other situations, the scope of our work may simply begin with the preparation of a firm quotation in direct response to a request for the production of an existing or previously-designed part.
In today's competitive marketplace, many of our customers seek to minimize their ongoing inventory requirements, yet demand just-in-time availability of finished product. Engineered Plastics is well prepared to satisfy these types of customer needs, and we can accommodate our customers' "blanket" order programs.
We would welcome the opportunity to assist you in all phases of your plastic fabrication and thermoforming needs and will gladly provide a quote for your next project. Please call, write, fax or e-mail us if we can be of assistance to your company in any way.

Toll Free: 800-711-1740 | Telephone: 336-449-4121 | Fax: 336-449-6352

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